Friday, 4 February 2011

Pieces of peace!

The world is telling you to pack up and adiós, but he is still there. Thousands if people, angry crowds, telling you to  go anywhere else! I don't know, is that what you call democracy? Okay,maybe I am missing something here..
Did he serve the country during the 30 years of his bloodsucking time? Did he solve the problems of his country? Did he care about that bunch of worthless government when they stole the money that belongs to Egypt and the sons of Egypt
Let's say Egyptians are fighting for their liberty and freedom, my acquaintances in Egypt, my friends and family are looking forward this. Housny honestly should leave!
He is Fascinated by his buddies Israel and Obama, leading Egypt to their traps. Egypt didn't  kneel and will never kneel under the feet of any dictator of any kind. Egypt would never stop on the steps of your door, You'll go Pharaoh, It would never stop.  

The Anger Revolution Jan.25th 2011
The Anger Friday Jan.27th 2011
The Million March Feb.1st 2011
The Friday of the departure Feb.5th 2011
For Egypt, for all the Egyptian, For change...
Freedom,Liberty and Rights
That's the call, That's not all
You are amazing people, and you'll always be..
I love you Egypt.
I hear your calls.

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