Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Mirror Reflection..


    They never get to see. They are so blind not to see or even ask for it . I am so grateful that they are so blind.
The story behind a mirror

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw something you did not expect? Someone else's face, staring at you... This is not me, how could that happen? How can I look in the mirror and not see my self?

    The story began when we gave our identities away, we absorbed other people's. We were not meant to be them. Just wanted their success, followed their steps hoping to attract attention just like they did. At the end of it, we became a bad  made version of who they are. We lacked originality and creativity. The difference now is obvious.
  I want to stop being a mirror image of other people. I have to stop showing them what they want to see in me. Because it is not my responsibility to please everyone. I want to be accepted as I am.
    I would rather look in the mirror and see my unloved self, than to look and see a any other person , no matter how loved and respected they tend to be.


  1. we should saw mirror quite often so we don't forget who we are .
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