Sunday, October 30, 2011

University and beyond

It's getting closer, everyday I am less one day away from university, and while 80% of my friends know what they want to be or have at least a rough idea, I am stuck swinging between things, and I never seem to know what I want or what I can do!

It's not truly funny when you get to it, I mean when I was 13, I wanted to be a lot of things, I thought when I get to high school, I'll narrow things down and see what my potential would be. But, what I knew about my future back then, until what I know today, haven't changed a bit!

When I talked with my parents, they directed me into choosing what I think is right for me. My daddy, had been pressured by his own dad to go into med school, while he wanted to go into engineering, he told me that he would've done much bette
r in eng school then med school, he is into mechanic and electrical stuff. I 100% believe him, when I see him fix something or repair our house electricity himself, while he didn't do any training in that field. He doesn't want me to end up in that situation, when I try to please someone and end up wrecking my life (that was a little harsh). 

There are few things that I can be certain of, that are, if you throw french fries in a pan full of hot oil, you'll hear something like chhhhhhhh, but if you throw them in water, you'll hear nothing :S.. ANYWAY, my point was, if I do something I like, then I'll be happy, but if I don't, then I won't be happy (truly has nothing to do with my french fries theory), which brings me back to where I started. WHAT DO I WANT TO BE???

The search is still going on, it will be fun I guess, to explore more, but until then, me has nothing else to but search. Time goes by, time flies, and I still standing where it left off, life is manipulating me into giving up, but will I? It depends. To all the people who are like me out there, I think you should keep searching, that's the only choice out there..

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