Tuesday, 4 October 2011

what's on the end of the road?!

I've always wondered

Sometimes, I still wonder. What awaits me? What will my future look like? What will I be? Who will I marry (If I ever do)? When (and how) will I die?
Questions waiting to be answered. My life is like a maze, I'll never know what's on the end of the road, a dead end, a world of fantasies waiting for me. I meet people every day, thinking, I don't want to end up like you or her or him, it's not the life that I want. 
I want to live in a mansion, with a special view of the beach, yes, why not? I want a beach in my own backyard! I also want an awesome husband, who treats me like his princess, the first and the last love of his life. I will have one or two awesome kids, a super star son with amazing grades and an excellent athletic recognition, but my daughter, is going to be beautiful, talented and smart. My garage is full of cars, a van for family trips, each of us have a car.Best paying job, a hundred grands a year.
Then it hits me! Will this ever happen? If yes, then I must be really lucky to have all this, since like 98% of the people on the planet don't. I f not, then how would I handle the news? I think I'll lose my mind. It's like putting all your hopes on something that will never happen.
That brings me to the question, the real one, am I allowed to wonder, to think of my life, in 5, 20, 55 years?
Am I?

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