Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I don't have to explain it..

You can't explain love, because there's no concept.Almost impossible to stop yourself, no matter how much you try,, you'll always end up with someone. I thought I was too smart for a heart break, but I ended up being stupid enough to stand now in suspense, not knowing whether to move on, or just keep of hoping of a marvelous sign of attention..
I wrote this, because it is my way of showing that I have a story to tell. I don't believe in stereotypes, I believe in (delicious yumminess of illusions), this is what I felt, after I fell!

Poem (or what I try to call it :D)

Don't think you're too smart not to fall in love traps,
You'd be surprised how quick the time will elapse,
Until you are hopelessly trying to find,
How in the world did you lose you mind,
And fell in love with an empty hand,
Blindly, contributing your best to understand,
The concept of love, the taste of a dream,
sweet like candy, or something like sour cream.

 Dal :)

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