Sunday, 20 November 2011

I finally decided..

I am not sure yet kind of sure about what I want to be. I am finally content with something, and it does sound reasonable to me. I am thinking of the Medical School path. Not sure what kind exactly, but I know think I like the field itself. Although, I am squeamish, and I might FAINT (or it could be worse) at the sight of blood. So this is what is holding me back from the idea. 


  1. hey! everybody faint at some point of his carrier in medical field! first time i entered operating room i started to feel dizzy and my legs couldn't hold me, so i run out , back then i question myself! i start doubting my decision of choosing this carrier! but the good news you will get used on the sight of blood, add to that i will start my urology residency soon!! its surgery!! for the one who faint when he saw a blood for the first time! so don't worry! this shouldn't hold u back!

  2. Awwe, thank you w7l.. :)
    you have no idea how good your comment made me feel :D