Saturday, 5 November 2011

Knowing Yourself

if you don't get the joke, then the math!

Ever hear of manipulating everything to get what you want?
Well, now you do, because you can do that to! Let the world go to hell, for you to get what you want. 
Tired of stereotypes?
  • If you don't take your chances, you'll never be a real person.
  •  You're always going to be a loser.
  • Get a life, man!
  • You're such a dork!
  • Here comes the wanna-b-cool and his tribe of losers..
  • Look, it's (you teasing/ mocking nickname here)..

Wow, people go through a lot. Bullied by others, teased for bring something they never chose to be, and totally weakened by their self esteem, if you are not one of them, this article would still help you. If you are one of them, then please keep reading.

Now, I wasn't badly bullied before, but I was still wanting help with boosting my self esteem, feed my hungry love for psychology, and I was depressed unhappy for period of of time and needed some help help. I found a handful of useful resources, on how to boost your self esteem, how to make friends, how to win other people.. etc

If you are tired of advises that you hear often,
but never seem to work, like "Be yourself," please tell me what were you in the past years of your life? George Clooney? It was used to make people stop acting like others-copycats- but not using it to solve all the problems is just a dumb thing! It's probably given by people who are too lazy to give advice, leaving you with nothing useful but two word"Be yourself!
These websites provide abundance of help to make it easier to shape your character.

Succeed Socially
Psychology Today
Self Confidence

(Disclaimer: I don't provide any sorts of advertisement for these websites, but I did find the content useful.)

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