Sunday, 20 November 2011

She's PHAT!

hmmmmmm, I don't remember ever being called fat or overweighted. I was always the skinny little twig, although I didn't have to work a lot toward being in that shape, no matter how much I ate, I wouldn't gain more than 5 pounds, the heaviest I ever been was 126 pounds, which is relatively below average for people my height and my weight..
This is not about me this time, it's about my younger sister, she's only 13, but she is shorter and exceeded me by about 30 pounds.. and my dear mother keeps comparing her to me.. I understand that she wants her to exercise more and you know... get her butt moving, but it all seems to depress her, and this is conflicted in my face.. when someone complements something that looks at me, they say: '"it looks nicer on you than it is on your sister'" And I see it in her eyes, what would you call it? Envy? Jealousy? Fine, it was never my decision to be like this, and I consider myself lucky.. but on the other hand, I don't think it was her choice to be the way she is now. So, why isn't that enough? People should not compare us, it doesn't make me better than her in any aspect, it's just unfair.. and it hurts her feelings more than anything. 
If you want  girls to come in Jeans size 2 and T-shirt size M, then what the heck do you call , then we lose our difference and individuality. It makes us like Barbie dolls, all what matters is the outside plastic template with no soul or no personality, all what matters is the perfect blonde hair, pretty face and attractive body... that's all what matters..
There's no such thing as beauty standard, any girl can be pretty in her own way, don't have a pattern to follow that would tell you whether you are pretty or not.. Beauty is biased, so find the meaning of you own beauty.

Please ladies, the next person that calls you fat, overweighted even in a metaphoric way, say with the confidence you have: "I am Happy like this! Is that a problem?"

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