Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why Do People Fall in Love? Part2

Okay, here's Part 1
Now, I already mentioned that I grew up considering love a reckless thing.... etc etc, read the first post for everything..
I was left off at the part where I mentioned that I was jealous, now I totally take that back. I have a heartache, I got the chance to experience that kind of feeling and trying-with difficulty- to get rid of them.
I truly don't understand love feelings, how they can wreck you and make you feel like shit sometimes, or give you an illusion of pleasure and happiness at other time. Love can leave the one entangled in world of aspiring dreams away from the boarders of reality, because reality can make that impossible. 
The Chemistry of Falling in Love is simple, you need 2 people who have in common feelings about the other, and friendship can be a great catalyst at sometimes, and let the reaction happen according to they way these people feel and their compatibility and stuff, and
even with a high chance of them falling in love, therefore it cannot be explained.

This doesn't really alter the readiness of these love birds to do something crazily nuts in the name of love! So, what is the secret? Why? How? Where? When?
And the question remains unanswered: WHY DO PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE?
(note: when i answer that myself, i'll let you folks know) 
untill then, 



    actually ...i dont know! sure its a lovely thing, sure its a wonderful thing that you know that there is somebody who care a lot about you, and who is welling to do anything for you, who feels happy for you success, and feel sad for your sadness, its lovely thing indeed!

    but why do people fall in love?! im not sure, and i stopped asking this question long time ago, why do i bother myself to find out! its lovely thing, warm why i bother to question it! just enjoy it!

  2. Hello W7l,
    I agree with you that love is a great thing, but, when it is coming from two people, but loving someone that doesn't love you back is hard. Especially, if all what you give is not desired by the other person. Then, love is like a pain more than joy, and that was one of my points..
    But indeed, you are right. It's a great thing to be enjoyed.