Saturday, 19 November 2011

Why Do People Fall in Love?

When I was a little girl, I used to tell my mommy that I don't want to get married, at all. She would laugh at me, and say when I grow up I'll understand..
 Then, when I was 13, my best friend just got her first boyfriend, before they were together, she would show me his texts to her and tell me she has some feelings for him. They were sweet and lovely, this is why I would always laugh my butt off. I always made fun of her love fantasies and romantic dreams, and told her this relationship would not last, because she wasn't allowed to date, and guess what, I WAS RIGHT! Her parents found out and made her cut all kinds of connections with that guy, since she went to girl-only school, it was not too hard to take away her phone and computer, and whenever she used the internet, a watchful parent would set with her.

She never gave up, she would use her sister's phone to call him; she would beg me to let her use my phone, cry if had to.. I never understood, why? Why would she torture her self for a stupid guy? Why risk her restricted freedom to be taken away? She would always say she loved him, but it did not look like enough to me.. I mean, yeah, I had crushes, but when I know that they like me back, I back off for some reason, I would never risk my freedom, for a stinking boy, end of the story, period!
By the time I was 15 I started getting a little jealous, but not to the level of envy.. It's funny how I understand the way my friend felt about that guy. The way she was ready to do anything for that guy and she's only 14! Now things are easier to be seen, she doesn't have any feelings for him, she's carefree. It's annoying, why do people fall in love and lose their minds then just forget it? 
My little fantasies of Love-you-forever sound like something far away... a little hard to get.. say impossible, but I still have some hope... 
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