Monday, 5 December 2011

I missed my lovely blog

oh, it's been a while, my computer is screwed! i am waiting for a repair or something, until then, i am computerless...
there's nothing going on lately, only c.m. driving the crap outta my mind.. he's so irritating.. one of my friends lately told me that he definitely have a brain tumor if he doesn't like me, i am starting 2 believe that hehehe..
apparently i am textaholic, i bought a phone on saturday, and i have been texting since then. i just realized that texting is not really a proper word :S
my exams are coming in about 2 months, i am starting to worry cause it is serious now.. school and all, if i screw up, it will pretty much take a lot to be fixed.. i hate school it's getting on my nerves. finally, christmas break is in less than 2 weeks :D yay! so happy we finally are getting a break of school..
btw, i don't care if this post is doesn't have proper grammar, do you have any idea how long it took me to write it? i also don't care if it is pointless..


  1. Good luck with the exams, even if they're awhile away. Go easy on yourself, you'll figure it all out in time.