Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Immortality, and love

Nowhere else in the world, a love relationship between an 88 year old and a 17 year-old would be accepted.. Right?
I came across the Twilight saga a few days ago, to be honest with you, I never like it. I read book one, which wasn't too bad. I never really liked the romantic element in the story. Anyways, I read book two New Moon, which was an absolute a waste of money and time. The book was plain boring and ugh, I don't mean offend Stephanie Meyer, but the book was a pure fail..
Twilight is not the only example I can think of, there's books like The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare, which I absolutely love, there's also Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, Vampire Diaries, The House of Night, and the list goes on. All popular books, which is creepy, really!
It's quiet fascinating, how can people read these stories, compassionate with the love birds who are a billion years apart, and consider it a love story.. I mean it. I don't really think I'll accept to be in a relationship with someone who is 5 years older than I am. Mostly, because I believe that the age gap between us would be big, therefore, our methods of thinking and problem solving are going to be different... which decreases the compatibility between us. I am not saying that a relationship (or marriage) cannot work in the cases of big age gaps, of course, it can still work, but it would be still faced with a lot of challenges, just like interracial or interreligious are  fated to face them. My parents have about 10 years age gap, but they are both happily married.

I am talking about the type of love in fiction and literary works. When an immortal person falls in love with a mortal.It is even more frustrating when that mortal is a teenager. It reminds me of pedophilia... It should disappear from the world.. it should it should it should! You may stop and say, wait, Edward looks about 17, why does it matter if they look the same age? Well, I am glad you asked. I could be a 45 year old man and have a surgery that makes me look 20 years younger.. Is that an acceptable excuse for aiming at a 20 year old? I don't quiet understand, being 107 and looking about 19, is basically having the mind of a 107 year-old in a 17 year old body.. quiet different, ha? Yes, it is..
I wish authors would stop encouraging immortals to fall in love with children, no matter how young they look like :P

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