Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Day, of 2011

I have to admit it. I am surprise how quick this year went the blink of an eye. I can still remember myself chasing news headlines writing about the Egyptian Revolution in January like it was yesterday.. I remember mocking my friend about a chem test about like it was a few days ago.. My birthday party, my stress through exams, my little adventures with a crush :P, all that happened this year... I feel really bad to make it go by without doing anything.. I am going to make sure the same wouldn't happen in 2012, after all, you know, some poeple still believe in the "End of The world crapp" ..

This year I only read 27 books.. not noteworthy, I see..
Next year I'll read at least 50 books.. just to be content with myself..

Good bye, 2011, you were such a good year, the best in my life yet, 
but 2012 will be the best, I make sure of it.. 


  1. Ah, 27 books is still noteworthy, most people I know read not even half of that... :)

  2. Well, it's true... But for someone like me who likes reading it should have been more than that .