Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Songs

Since I am really bored, I decided to maybe post something.. I dunno why I haven't been posting anything lately, I guess it is because I lost my interest in things :S

#5 (in Arabic) Wa7ashni Eh (I miss you, what?) Myriam Fares
This song came out when I was about 8, which was like 8 years ago! This song was a national hit and every body actually loved it.. The stong relates memories of my childhood with what I today.. It reminds me of people I grew up with, my friends, elementary school. Although, that's not really what the song is all about..

#4 Until You're Mine -Demi Lovato 
This song literally tells my story, that way I feel felt abo
ut someone. Although I think I don't anymore, I still love the song, and it shall always have a special place in my heart, same with that person..

#3 Linkin Park- New Divide
I don't know why, I just LOVE Transformers, and every time I hear the song, I think of the movie. The movie was awesome, but the son is much much more awesome!

#2 Adele- Someone Like You
Adele is awesome! I can feel the passion in her songs. It what makes them popular, it what makes Adele a great singer. 

#1 Adele- Set Fire To The Rain
Yes, I only discovered this song last week, maybe thats why I liked it! Like I said before I love Adele!

Love :)

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