Monday, 19 December 2011

Novel Writing Dream. COMING TRUE?

YESSS!! I am in progress of writing a novel. I promised myself wouldn't give up this time! I will not quit like I did with my trials before this..
The title of the novel is UNTITLED lol, what did you expect.. I chose it to be untitled because I still don't know where all of this is going..

My problem with writing novel is, as much I hate to admit, I have never finished one. I am always floating in the ocean of ideas, but I never stick to one and finish it all the way.. which is relatively disastrous, when all these written chapters and outlines are scattered in one of my binders, or filling my laptop, not inclueding the ones on my broken laptop, which sadly, I cannot reach any more :( 
Yes, I want to finish this novel, I will not listen to my "inspirous" instincts until this work is completed.. So, pray wish me luck my friends :P

Thank you,

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