Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oh, December! How I love you!

Today is Dec 1st, if you haven't notice that already, now you know.. It is the 12th month in the Julian calendar, it's pretty cool actually. Anyways, you obviously know, there's 31 more days until 2012, so, I want to  an opportunity this month to take a look at my 2011 year..
I will try to write many of these posts, about this past year and all what I went through, and maybe, what I want from 2012, and what I wish to do..

2011 is going by really fast. As all the previous years, it is just a little leaf falling off the tree of time. I can'n believe it is almost gone.We might have years to come ahead of us, we might not. One thing I am sure of, 2011 was a great year, yeah, I went through a lot, I had tons of fun, stressed out. I was in moments of despair, moments of joy.. Very soon, this fallen leaf would be nothing but a memory. Just like 2010 and the years before it.

I admit I am not the same person I was in January. I think differently now. This is the mechanism of life, experience shaping us, people influencing us and with time passage, people slightly change, to the better I hope.

This year means a lot to me, with all the people I met, the painful moments, the dreamy ones, it get better, because I know it does, I've changed. Yes. But I am still who I am, which didn't change about me..

Accept My Love,
Dalia :)