Friday, 8 June 2012


Put on a smile while you drown in a sea of sadness on the inside

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The very tiny conversations I have with you leaves me with hours of thinking about the things I've said to you...

Saturday, 2 June 2012

And this is how my heart was shattered to pieces... Knowing I'll never see you again :(

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Been a while, right?

I am very busy with school and stuff. It's very understandable, I miss blurting things out to my dear blog so I will go back to doing so!
Uhhhh I am really into anime these days... it's awesome how can you get addected in month right? Maybe I should right some anime reviews? <3 I would love that!

sheeesh I almost forgot
Happy Mothers Day Everyone!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Hunger Games Movie ..... do I reall have to do this?

The movie in one word? 'kay, disspointing!
They kinda ruined the whole thing, I don't know if my standards were bit high because I was expecting a lot, or if it really sucked..

This is a quick review of the things I didn't really like..

  1. Madge dissappeared from the movie.. I know she was a side character, but it made more sense that the pin was coming from her.
  2. The relationship between Peeta and Katniss. Umm, they are NOT supposed to fall in love in the first movie, she is supposed to be still confused about whether she likes him or not, and all the acting..
  3. I found it a little boring for som reason..

Other than that, loved the plot, setting, sound effects and everything !
The actors were AMAZING-- especially Josh HUTCHERSON!!!

Wednesday Whisper

Wednesday Whisper.. I still rely on spellcheck cause I can't spell wednesday...

This Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Every moment you spend thinking of the past, is a waste of moment that could be spent enjoying the present..

Sunday, 1 April 2012

1984 finished

I would write a review except I don't really feel like it :p
I had to read this for school... Though it took me about 3 weeks because it was a little boring I managed to pull it off :p

Saturday, 17 March 2012

a world of circles

i want to live life with no regrets,
i want to enjoy a present,
anticipate a future,
and forget a past..
but every time i try to change things, to become happy,
i end up where i started..
and like i live in a world of circles,
the same old me comes back..
empty handed....
empty minded...
with a empty heart..
i feel that the moment i would change is right here, and now..
i will not wait tomorrow for something i should do today.
i love myself, and that's enough

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Some lies are perfect, although we made them, we end up believing them...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

not meant to be

i picture a moment,
we're both together,
a perfect one,
but then i think,
what the hell am i doing?
it'snot meant to be

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday whisper

Don't do the impossible for Someone that didnt do the possible for you...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A moment

I always wonder why you of all people have the ability to change my atmosphere with your presence without meaning it..
But the I remember what you mean to me...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday's Whisper 2/15/12

Sometimes you want to blurt out what's trapped inside of you but you're too afraid... remember that one day will come and the next you know it's too late anyways....

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines day... Alone again

It's officially make singles feel like shit day!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday Whisper 2/8/12

People come, people go, but hold on to those who give things meaning, because when they are gone, these things lose the meaning they used to have..

Monday, 6 February 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012

made my eyes tear..;

40 Extraordinary Things Are Happening Right Now
Source:  Marc and Angel
Right now is a phenomenon.  Right now extraordinary things are happening.
Right now…
  1. A soldier of sorts is diligently fighting the fight so you don’t have to.
  2. Someone who suffered from a severe injury last year is back on their feet.
  3. A small group of people are building something that will soon make the impossible possible.
  4. Somewhere on Earth a double rainbow is stretched from one end of the horizon to the other.
  5. One of the next Billboard-chart-topping musical artists is patiently rehearsing in her garage.
  6. A piece of literature is being written that will eventually change your perspective on life.
  7. Young children all over the world are singing and dancing before they even realize there is anything that isn’t music.
  8. A friend is helping a friend rise above thoughts of suicide.
  9. Someone is thinking what you’re thinking, but hasn’t said anything yet either.
  10. Two people in your hometown are falling in love.
  11. Somewhere someone is admiring a breathtaking sunrise, and somewhere else a surreal sunset.
  12. People of various religious backgrounds are in temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship praying, wholeheartedly, for world peace.
  13. Someone who has struggled with their weight for the last several years is standing on a scale and smiling.
  14. Hundreds of cute elderly couples are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
  15. A baby girl just took her first few steps without falling.
  16. Two best friends are laughing so hard they aren’t even making any noise.
  17. A future world leader is in grade school at recess.
  18. Someone is in the process of sincerely forgiving a seemingly unforgivable act.
  19. There’s a kid studying hard somewhere who aspires to get to where you are in life.
  20. A firefighter is running into a burning building to rescue a perfect stranger.
  21. Someone in your vicinity genuinely wants to be your friend.
  22. A young mom is lying in a hospital bed and holding her newborn baby twins for the very first time.
  23. Someone is taking a shower and singing happily at the top of their lungs.
  24. There is someone out there who smiles when they think of a specific moment they once shared with you.
  25. An alcoholic just celebrated one full year of sobriety.
  26. Volunteers in major cities all over the world are working at homeless shelters caring for those who are less fortunate than themselves.
  27. A young man is pulled over on the side of the road helping a young woman change a flat tire.
  28. A high school athlete just broke her own personal record.
  29. Two teenagers just received their very first kiss ever from each other.
  30. A husband and wife who were drowning in debt five years ago proudly hold a balance of zero on their credit cards.
  31. Someone is hugging a friend who desperately needs it.
  32. A new small business owner just wrapped up his first profitable yearworking for himself.
  33. A grandfather is holding his granddaughter’s hand and they’re both smiling from ear to ear.
  34. Someone just placed their spare change in the charity collection cup at the grocery store.
  35. A small group of friends are sitting around a table sharing funny stories and cheerfully reminiscing about the good old days.
  36. A breast cancer patient just found out her cancer is in complete remission.
  37. Someone out there is missing you and looking forward to your next visit.
  38. Honest people are working for various government entities to help protect your basic human rights and civil liberties.
  39. An emergency room surgeon is in the middle of saving his patient’s life.
  40. Someone is holding the door open for the person behind them.

The day I first met you, you told me you'd never fall in love 
But now that I get you, I know fear is what it really was 
Now here we are, so close, yet so far. Haven't I passed the test? 
When will you realize, baby I'm not like the rest? 

Don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break 
I know you're scared it's wrong, like you might make a mistake 
There's just one life to live and there's no time to waste (to waste) 
So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, oh yeah yeah. 

On Sunday you went home alone, there were tears in your eyes 
I called your cell phone, my love, but you did not reply 
The world is ours if we want it, we can take it if you just take my hand 
There's no turning back now, baby try to understand. 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
Don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break 
I know you're scared it's wrong, like you might make a mistake 
There's just one life to live and there's no time to waste (to waste) 
So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break 

There just so much you can take. Give your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, oh yeah yeah. 

When your lips are on my lips, and our hearts beat as one 
But you slip out of my finger tips every time you run 

Don't wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break 
I know you're scared it's wrong, like you might make a mistake 
There's just one life to live and there's no time to waste (to waste) 
So let me give your heart a break 

Cause you've been hurt before, I can see it in your eyes 
You try to smile it away, some things you can't disguise 
Don't wanna break your heart, maybe I can ease the ache (the ache) 

So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break 
There just so much you can take. Give your heart a break, let me give your heart a break, your heart a break, oh yeah yeah. 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

100% Love!

It`s just ten percent luck,
Twenty percent skill,
Fiftteen percent concentrated power of will,
Five percent pleasure,
Fifty percent pain,
And a hundred perecnt reason to remember the name...
And definitly a million percent reason to love the song!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Birthday to...

Friends ? Do you think we will stay freinds ? 
will Take over every thing and start all over ! 
I realy miss you I miss your crazy time >> 
and your sweet time my BFF
you'd Stay like that for Ever !!!@

I wrote this when I was 13, to my best friend, whose now somewhere in the other side of the world.

Happy 18th Birthday to an old bestest of best friends, hope we'll meet again.  I'll never forget you Sarah :(   Love ya
It takes a lot of strength to love someone .... And twice as much to think of letting go... And a lifetime to forget them....

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cheater Beater

Lol this person was writing attest infringing of me and he had a sheet on the floor with written stuff on it ...... Priceless!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Study updates


A letter to my love

I wrote this yesterday, it has a lot of bad words, because I kind of tended to explode on paper.. I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me eh, yeah, I am under stress and stuff, I deserve a break don't I? well, hell, don't I?
The paper was shredded to pieces and placed in the rubbish bin (or garbage can- whatever you prefer.. reallly)


For the first time in 11years.. I do care.. I am study my butt off for exams.. I am worried about school and everything..
Wish me luck, *sigh* I am gonna need a lot of it..

Monday, 16 January 2012

(me) calls it quits

yeah, it's all over,
i won't think of you anymore,
every time i catch myself staring at you i'll stare away...
no way i am going through all this again..
and after all,
you never cared before, and you'l never care later
and i am done with it all..

Sunday, 15 January 2012


lol, if I were in Sweden I would laugh this one out!
Fart means speed, and Farthinder means speed bump..

Just finished

Hush, Hush Becca Fitzpatrick
Review to come later

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A flashback to Jan 2011

January 2011, who could believe it's been a whole year! It feels more like last month, a few weeks ago, at the most, but a year? Really, time flies and we aren't even noticing, next think you know, you're 50 with grandchildren. And wondering what have you done in the half century you lived... Hopefully, I am not going to end up like that..

In January 2011, the Egyptian Revolution fired the cannons, I remember my parents watching the news 24/7. Some people were worried, some were confused, some really wanted change and alteration in their lifestyles. I believe it is like being mutilated for years and years, and getting your chance to speak up for the first time.. I know that that although it had been a year, things are not settled in Egypt, they probably need time for things to get better..

I wrote this poem- or that's the closest term I can use to describe it- about my prespective of these events, and here it is... CLick Here

Anyways, Happy 2012!

Friday, 13 January 2012


More gold had been mined from the minds of men than had been taken from earth so dust of the cobwebs and use those great ideas you have!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

That much

I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him
I hate him

Now I feel better...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I never forgot about you, I just buried you deep somewhere in my heart... Why? Cause I still love you

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I think I made a new best friend today :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

That was a lie too,

Across the table from me, he sat, when a friend whispered to me asking if I had a crush, and I said no.. sorry I lied, I wanted to say yes and look into your eyes... but..

Sunday, 8 January 2012

off the chain

A thousand churchbells ringing, I can hear
heavy angles singing when you call my name,
you love is off the chain

the full song

My sunday

Banana strawberry milkshake :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Right now

Omg exams are scaring the bageebies outta me
my crappy handwriting :P

Friday, 6 January 2012

Proudly :)

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating
I look back on the poems I wrote about you, and I think' why in the hell do I still feel the same way??

Thursday, 5 January 2012

we are young..


no one ever told me love is a drug,
the closer you are to me the more i want you to be closer,]
and when you grow far away,
i crave your existence and need you like my air,
because i love you,
.. because love is a drug,
and because i need rehab.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday Whispers

This is the first wed of 2012, I decided to have a little post every Wednesday featuring a whisper, a thought or an advice I forward to my self. 

This Wednesday, 4/1/12

Never underestimated the power of faith

School. Is. Taking. Over. Again

mmmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm, exams are in less than a month.. I have tons of things to do.. I'm not doing this quiet right.. Damn it, my future is on the line *sad face*.. If I don't know good this year, then adios scholarships, I'll dream of getting you! i hate how serious it's becoming, I am not quiet ready not ready not ready not ready for any of this..poppycock poppycock poppycock!

P.S. I just needed to rant a little bit about how messed up my life is, mind you, things are going well.

Dal :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Immortality, and love

Nowhere else in the world, a love relationship between an 88 year old and a 17 year-old would be accepted.. Right?
I came across the Twilight saga a few days ago, to be honest with you, I never like it. I read book one, which wasn't too bad. I never really liked the romantic element in the story. Anyways, I read book two New Moon, which was an absolute a waste of money and time. The book was plain boring and ugh, I don't mean offend Stephanie Meyer, but the book was a pure fail..
Twilight is not the only example I can think of, there's books like The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare, which I absolutely love, there's also Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, Vampire Diaries, The House of Night, and the list goes on. All popular books, which is creepy, really!
It's quiet fascinating, how can people read these stories, compassionate with the love birds who are a billion years apart, and consider it a love story.. I mean it. I don't really think I'll accept to be in a relationship with someone who is 5 years older than I am. Mostly, because I believe that the age gap between us would be big, therefore, our methods of thinking and problem solving are going to be different... which decreases the compatibility between us. I am not saying that a relationship (or marriage) cannot work in the cases of big age gaps, of course, it can still work, but it would be still faced with a lot of challenges, just like interracial or interreligious are  fated to face them. My parents have about 10 years age gap, but they are both happily married.

I am talking about the type of love in fiction and literary works. When an immortal person falls in love with a mortal.It is even more frustrating when that mortal is a teenager. It reminds me of pedophilia... It should disappear from the world.. it should it should it should! You may stop and say, wait, Edward looks about 17, why does it matter if they look the same age? Well, I am glad you asked. I could be a 45 year old man and have a surgery that makes me look 20 years younger.. Is that an acceptable excuse for aiming at a 20 year old? I don't quiet understand, being 107 and looking about 19, is basically having the mind of a 107 year-old in a 17 year old body.. quiet different, ha? Yes, it is..
I wish authors would stop encouraging immortals to fall in love with children, no matter how young they look like :P