Saturday, 14 January 2012

A flashback to Jan 2011

January 2011, who could believe it's been a whole year! It feels more like last month, a few weeks ago, at the most, but a year? Really, time flies and we aren't even noticing, next think you know, you're 50 with grandchildren. And wondering what have you done in the half century you lived... Hopefully, I am not going to end up like that..

In January 2011, the Egyptian Revolution fired the cannons, I remember my parents watching the news 24/7. Some people were worried, some were confused, some really wanted change and alteration in their lifestyles. I believe it is like being mutilated for years and years, and getting your chance to speak up for the first time.. I know that that although it had been a year, things are not settled in Egypt, they probably need time for things to get better..

I wrote this poem- or that's the closest term I can use to describe it- about my prespective of these events, and here it is... CLick Here

Anyways, Happy 2012!

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