1- Eat Pizza in Italy.
2- Visit all 7 contents of the world, (4/7).
3- Try sky diving.
4- Have my own Wikipedia page.
5- Attending Medical School.
6- Adopt a child.
7- Get an PhD degree in (insert your epic major here :D)
8- Fall in love (or chocolate, whichever comes first.)
7- Go to Ireland.
8-Publish a book or novel.
9- Graduate High school (eventually will happen :P)
10- Adopt a pet.
11- Go scuba diving.
12- Visit Rome.
13- Get married *cough*cough*cough*
14- Go to Universal theme park.
15- Write a movie script, and watch it come to life in theaters.
16- Fall asleep looking at the stars, with him next to me <3
17-Send a message in a bottle.
18- Confess my love to someone.
19- Go camping in a desert.
20- Buy my own car with my own money.
21- Open my own bookstore.
22- Speak French
23-  Leave flowers on the front steps of my love's place <3..
24- Play on the team for a sport I didn't try before.
25- Step on the moon
26- Go to Spain and run with the bulls in San Fermines :D
27- Play the drums in garage band.
28- Visit all 50 states.
29- Sail around the world.
30- Ride a hot air balloon. 
31- Donate blood at least once.
32- Make my own wedding cake.
33- Go bungee jumping.
34- Scrach everything off this list.


  1. 9- Graduate High school
    23- Graduate High school.

    then you are planing to attend two high school at the same time, then graduate twice, right?!?! :P

  2. lol, I haven't noticed that :P Thanx for noting that