!Hello! Thanks for visiting my awesome blog!

 My name is Dalia, I am a 16 years old starwalker!
I am born in Egypt, but I live in Canada currently.
I am in Gr 10 Gr.11 now, not really your average student. I contradict myself when it comes to school, I mean I don't really care I am not that nerdy, but I still do good without trying too hard.. I find it too creepy! The thing about this year is that everything is getting serious about school and university and all that crap
But! Please don't get me wrong, I haven't got a D in my life. In fact, my last report card was awesome okay I guess hehehehe.
I used to have a Facebook, but now I hate it soo much! It's like"The stalker's dream coming True"! I still go on it from time to time to stalk visit old friends.
I am very try to be optimistic about everything, and I truly like to explore and learn new things, no matter how random and creepy they are. 
Kitten Gray

I LOVE music, reading, soccer-although I am no good :p- I like to write-which I'm not that productive at- I also Ah-dore cats! They're so lovely and fluffy mmmmmm! I am going to volunteer at a local animal shelter, and I will be working with catssss! I also love any things purple or orange. 

THING I don't Love :
I hate plastics, hypocrites, liars, anything yellow, social studies, heights, english class, chicken, hard boiled eggs, hairy guys(lol), french, super girly-girls, physics, etc.....